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Design Fees and Contracts

At Mc Coy Design Firm we believe that developing the budget should be a partnership between designer and client. As the client, you should take an active role, and be honest with us about your budget. As professional designers we will assess your needs and help you to determine where to spend and where to save, prioritizing expenses while creating an interior that is within your budget.

We charge hourly to design your interior finishes and architectural elements. For purchases we work with you to assemble a package that best fits your needs. If you know the pieces you need, we work with you on a cost plus basis. If you would like an entire package created for you, you pay for the product as you would at a showroom with no additional fees.

Also, remember that not everything has to be completed at once. We can develop a long-range plan, consulting with you to establish a list of priorities, starting with rooms you feel need attention first, and determine a time line for accomplishing the entire project.

Often simple changes and additions can make a huge difference. A room can be transformed with the impactful use of color, rearrangement of existing furniture, the introduction of lighting, mirrors, creative choices of wall coverings, window treatments and accessories. Contact us. We look forward to meeting you.


At Mc Coy Design Firm we will draw up a contract to define the scope, budget and time frame of the particular project, as well as our responsibilities.

We believe that contracts are important, because it gives you peace of mind and ensures a professional working relationship.